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Identify and Eliminate Insider Threats

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ObserveIT is a lightweight endpoint solution that is focused on identifying and eliminating insider threats. By having “eyes on the endpoint” and continuously monitoring user behavior, ObserveIT alerts IT and Security teams about activities that put organizations at risk. With full video capture, outstanding search capability and playback of any policy violation, ObserveIT provides comprehensive visibility into what people – contractors, privileged users and business users – are doing, and reduces end-to end investigation time from hours to minutes. No sifting through logs. No combing through data. ObserveIT also reduces the number of security incidents with real-time notifications when out-of-policy behavior is about to occur, (e.g. using cloud-based file sharing service or a USB drive) which educates users about ways to conduct their work that are secure and compliant with company policy and industry standards.

Insider Threat

Identify and Eliminate

We Protect Against Insider Threats

Precise Visibility

ObserveIT generates video playback and unique user activity logs for any application, including those that do not have internal logs or only have debug logs, including: custom, commercial, and legacy applications. With full visibility into any user action within apps, ObserveIT is able to precisely detect out-of-policy behavior.

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Faster Investigations

With full screen capture of any policy violation, you’ll go from hours of investigating by sifting through logs to watching a video replay of every incident in your environment. This reduces end-to-end investigations to under 10 minutes per incident.

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Change Behavior

We continuously monitor user behavior and warn end users in real-time via on-screen notifications about behavior that put the business at risk. ObserveIT significantly reduces the number of security incidents resulting from unintentional or malicious behavior by more than 50%.

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Key Features

Insider Threat Case Study

Four employees of the Livingston County IT Department were terminated after a thorough investigation regarding misconduct and misuse of government policy. "One of the four employees who was terminated had 28 years of service. It is crystal clear how these things lead to the end of a career," said Livingston County's CIO. On the same day ObserveIT was installed alerts were triggered, along with forensic video recordings of a specific worker performing out-of-policy activities on his computer during working hours.

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Changing User Behavior Reduces Risk by Over 50%


ObserveIT monitors and records all user activity on Windows and Unix/Linux servers and desktops.


Just-in-time security awareness at the point of violation via on-screen notifications decreases security incidents by up to 50%


Warn policy violators that activity is being monitored. Malicious users are 80% less likely to continue


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