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User Behavior Analytics for Insider Threat Detection

The Visibility & User Context You Need To Detect & Prevent Insider Threats

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Monitor IT user activity

Privileged Users

Monitor access to critical systems that house sensitive data. Know who’s making configuration changes, escalating privileges, or remotely accessing systems that store healthcare (PHI), customer (PCI), or other sensitive company data.

ObserveIT monitors business users


Detect abnormal user activity within core applications and proactively investigate data exposure. Monitor fraud, large copy operations, exporting reports, unnecessary access, and the usage of unauthorized cloud applications.

Vendor or Contractor monitoring


Monitor and audit third-party access of IT service providers and contractors. Ensure third-parties meet obligations, stay within assigned tasks and satisfy regulatory requirements for HIPAA, NERC, FFIEC, FISMA, FERPA, PCI, and SOX.    

1,200+ Customers

How Coca-Cola Uses ObserveIT"As soon as vendors discovered that all actions are being recorded, it became much easier to manage them... the process of troubleshooting errors and holding vendors accountable became much smoother, which led to greater stability in our applications."

- Moti Landes, CBC Group's IT Infrastructure Manager & IT Division CISO


Insider Threat Detection 

Record and monitor the activities of privileged users 

Make users think twice before doing their bad act and dramatically cut down the risk and noise from negligent users

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User Behavior Analytics

Record and monitor the activities of privileged users

Track and notify users in real-time upon out-of-policy behavior like connecting to USB devices or copying files

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Data Loss Prevention

Record and monitor the activities of privileged users

Stop malicious intents at early stages before it's too late like speaking with competitors or using unauthorized cloud apps

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