ObserveIT to your workforce

5 Suggestions to Help you Integrate ObserveIT in the Workplace

Maintaining a healthy business means you have strong security, full compliance, and the ability to prevent and resolve operational issues quickly and efficiently as they arise. ObserveIT is now a leading provider of server monitoring and auditing technology because it has helped companies do just that. Maintaining a healthy long-term business means having all of […]

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The Goldilocks Dilemma

The Goldilocks Approach to Cyber Security

When it comes to cyber security, how much is too much? Can you even HAVE too much? This Forbes article discussing the Goldilocks Dilemma of Cyber Security, suggests it is possible to have too much. Cyber security, much like insurance or other “just in case” preparations, hardly seems worth it until disaster strikes, at which […]

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Security experts gone

Where Have All the Security Specialists Gone?

It’s ironic that with security often topping the list of concerns for businesses of all sizes, the number of security experts has been plummeting. In fact, according to a recent article in PCMag.com, 40 percent of essential IT security jobs today go unfilled, and calls the situation a “national security crisis.” But with security so […]

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Thanks Hacker

Blessed Be Thy Hackers

Hackers have gotten a bad rap lately. Oh sure, they might try to steal your sensitive business data. And yes, they will almost certainly try to leverage this stolen data for their own financial benefit. But without them, investments in IT security would be minimal (at best) or practically non-existent (at worst), so look on […]

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Key Hong Kong IT Security ObserveIT

Addressing Key Hong Kong IT Security Guidelines with ObserveIT

The Hong Kong government has issued two important documents relating to IT security and technology risk management: the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer’s IT Security Guidelines [G3], and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s General Principles for Technology Risk Management [TM-G-1]. These Guidelines include a wide range of information security governance recommendations and best […]

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The Art and Science of IT Deterrence

“Will our employees think we’re spying on them?” “Will they consider it an invasion of their privacy?” These are two questions we get a lot here at ObserveIT. When you’re a leader in the server monitoring and auditing technology space, it comes with the territory. So how do we address these concerns? Deterrence. IT deterrence […]

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ObserveIT named 2014 IBM Beacon Award Finalist

We are so proud to be named a finalist for the IBM Beacon Award in the “Outstanding Ready for IBM Security Intelligence solution” category. We are really flattered that IBM recognizes the value we bring to the security intelligence ecosystem, and we certainly appreciate the consideration for this award. We take a lot of pride […]

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Was the Massive Target Data Breach the Heating Guy’s Fault?

Gizmodo reported a few days ago that the hackers who managed to swipe the credit and debit card information of up to 40 million Target customers gained access to Target’s network through a single login account – that of HVAC sub-contractor, Fazio Mechanical Services. The article explains that Fazio is a “third-party vendor” with legitimate […]

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ObserveIT at Citrix Summit Orlando 2014

We are not surprised by how superb the Citrix Summit in Orlando is. Aside from the fantastic break from the NY winter, the event is hosting the wide Citrix community, where they are presented with great opportunities to get hands-on interactions with Citrix related products. Not surprisingly, one of those amazing unique products that is gaining […]

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1 Enterprise IT Security Prediction for 2014

It is 2014 and everyone is well aware of the rapidly-growing trend of employees using their own mobile devices over corporate networks, known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This has serious ramifications for the continued protection of corporate data and systems from employees, hackers, hacktivists and privileged external agents alike. IT and security teams […]

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