ObserveIT Speaks at Systex’s Advanced Persistent Threats Event

While enjoying the stunning skyline view from the Singapore Flyer, I felt inspired and realized the huge potential for ObserveIT to go sky high.

Singapore is well recognized as the safestand most secure place in the world, with record low crime rates.  I believe that it has a lot to do also with the fact that the local authority supports the “big brother” concept (via CCTV) everywhere you go around the city, making people highly aware that they are being watched and can be held accountable for their actions.

Seeing how the locals accept it by nature, ObserveIT  couldn’t have been validated any better for the local corporate IT systems as well.  By putting metaphorical surveillance cameras “inside” servers, user activity auditing was never simple and accessible.  It’s proven to be an excellent method for privilege-user accountability and visual audit log tool for understanding “who is doing what.”

Me giving a demo of the ObserveIT product to some CISOs in Singapore

It was no wonder that after my presentation of how ObserveIT does what it does, my audience was just as excited about having the ability to better secure their sensitive information and adopted our features immediately.

Sean Ofir

About Sean Ofir

Sean Ofir is ObserveIT's Director of Sales and Channels for Asia Pacific & Middle East. He conducts seminars, channel recruitment and direct and non-direct sales to: MSP/ISP, VARs, OEM and enterprise markets. He brings 10 years of sales and business development in US and LATM, EMEA, APAC and GCC.

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