Managed Services Monitoring: Record Terminal Session Activity

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Record Terminal Session and all Outgoing Remote Access

Auditing and tracing all support activity
for VARs, MSPs and Remote IT providers

The Need: Show your customers exactly what you do during each remote support login.

As a Value-Add Reseller or Managed Services Provider, your customers depend on you to keep their platforms up-and-running. But blind-trust creates a relationship of ambiguity and doubt. When you record Terminal session and remote logins, every action that your staff performs on your customers' networks, you eliminate the cloud of doubt- with precise auditing.

  • Know who made each configuration change
  • Demonstrate precise actions with session playback
  • Reduce time-to-repair

Benefits for IT Services Providers

  • Accountability – Spend less time pointing fingers and wondering who-did-what
  • SLA validation – With precise SLA response time and billable activity evidence, you customers will appreciate your efforts and will have confidence in your business reporting process
  • Fix customer outages faster – Fix server outages fast by seeing the root-cause of error, not just the symptoms
  • Improved security – User activity logs, session videos and real-time alerts represent a massive IT security upgrade
  • Decrease support costs – Less resources are wasted searching through cryptic system logs

No more Fingerpointing: Eliminating doubt

Spend more time improving your customer offering, and less time playing the blame-game! With full clarity of every action that took place on your customers' servers, you eliminate doubt immediately. Imagine a situation where your remote support technician logs on to a customer server for routine maintenance. An hour later, your customer calls you, alarmed by the fact that 50,000 records in their event transaction database have been deleted. You know that your support tech had nothing to do with this issue, but how can you prove it, especially given the suspicious timing? With ObserveIT, there is no doubt. See a list of every file, application and resource that the tech used, and replay a video of the full session. Export reports and video playback to deliver to your customer, on the fly or with scheduled reporting.

User Activity Visibility and Deterrence

Without user session recording, authorized users can do anything they want once they log on. But when remote users know that every action is being recorded, they are less likely to be tempted into 'funny business'. Just like a video camera at a bank, it may not physically prevent theft, but it stops 99% of potential attacks before they start- by promising swift identification of any policy violators. ObserveIT also provides real-time alerts according to any policy rule you wish to track.

Generate precise billable hours reports

Most relationships between customers and outsource vendors are based on trust and experience. Support Level Agreements are a cornerstone of this trust. But achieving an accurate measurement of support response time is not an easy task. With ObserveIT, dates and times of support activity are no longer a vague guessing game. ObserveIT provides you with detailed reports showing every activity performed.

Reduce the time to repair

When a customer suffers a service outage, the most important question is "What happened on this server?" Change Management tools show you 'deltas' of what config files or registry values were modified. But what caused those changes? A single checkbox in a user dialog box can trigger dozens of system config changes.

ObserveIT takes you straight to the root cause of the problem by recording terminal session and remote access. Replaying each user session on the problematic server will show you exactly what to undo. Instead of spending time wondering what might have triggered the changes, you can simply undo the steps when you record Terminal sessions and remote access.