Compliance Accountability

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Audit Terminal Server, Audit Citrix and RDP:  Security Compliance Reporting

Accountability of user actions for SOX, PCI,
HIPAA, ISO 27001, NERC, SAS-70 and more

The Need: Generate comprehensive audit data for all user access activity.

PCI, NERC-FERC, SAS 70 and other compliance requirements demand total visibility of all access to your sensitive data. Achieving this compliance requires overcoming the complexity of auditing dozens or hundreds of deployed applications. And equally importantly, your compliance solution should also allow your business to grow naturally, without artificial restrictions.

  • Compliance is about people, not applications
  • ObserveIT lets you audit everything that people do

ObserveIT brings you the most comprehensive solution for your compliance needs, by recording all user activity in all applications and system areas. User session video playback provides unequivocal proof of user activity during audit reviews. Real-time alerts can be configured to proactively address out-of-policy behaviors.

Whether your compliance requirements are for financial data protection, medical patient privacy, government oversight inquiry or 3rd party outsource compliance, ObserveIT gives you the coverage and ease of use that you need to audit users.

Benefits for Security Compliance Officers

  • Audit people, not just apps – Cover actual user activity, not just the resulting data impact
  • Total application coverage – Flexible solution that is agnostic to application and protocol, eliminating need for app-specific solutions
  • We grow with your growth – We cover your needs even as you add new applications to your production environment
  • Reduced costs and ease of use – Lower resource commitment for generating compliance reports: Less effort, with faster turnaround time
  • Bulletproof – Unequivocal audit trail of user activity, guaranteeing authentication and non-repudiation
  • Precise user identification – Tie each activity to a specific user, including identity of generic 'administrator' users

Compliance is about people. ObserveIT audits everything that users do.

The bottom line of most compliance requirements is: Make sure that you know every action that people do which impacts sensitive data. Having a log of every database query from the main user application is meaningless if there are also custom utilities that access the data from another direction. ObserveIT solves this dilemma with a simple and straightforward solution: Video recording of all user activity on any server or workstation. No matter what applications or resources the user accessed, ObserveIT tracks exact video evidence and textual metadata for reporting and alerting.

Covering every application, from day one

Compliance officers spend too much time collecting long lists of each and every application that is deployed, in hopes of assuring that every app has a compliance audit log component. ObserveIT eliminates this matrix coverage dilemma! All activity is recorded, without concern of application origin. Instead of wondering about apps, you simply cover all apps when you audit Citrix, SSH, TS and RDP connectivity.

Grow without constraints

Your goal is to grow and become more profitable. Compliance requirements should not interfere with this primary goal. But in reality, business expansion is restricted by statements such as "We can't deploy this new customer application yet, because we don't have an audit system for it." By adopting ObserveIT as your compliance solution today, you answer your current needs, plus you create flexibility to grow and deploy new applications immediately, with no development and adoption of new audit protocols

Easy reporting reduces auditing costs: No more lengthy data collection

ObserveIT gives you immediate access to any user activity, via detailed reports and online video replay. Preparing for audit review is a snap, with automated report generation, plus you can provide convincing evidence of validity and thoroughness with full replay.

Guaranteed authenticity

ObserveIT's security infrastructure coupled with undeniable video replay eliminates any doubt about the source of user activity. All data is encrypted and stored in a secure SQL database, ensuring that ObserveIT is also covered by your database security protocols.

Know the name of that 'administrator'

Telling an external auditor that a specific data access was valid because the user is "an administrator" is a very weak argument. Compliance regulations require that you know the precise identity of each person accessing your sensitive data. ObserveIT's demand-response user identification ties each administrator login to a specific identity.