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Game of Thrones Battle with Insider Threats

Game of thrones, once again, becomes an allegory for Information Security’s battle with insider threat considering the news surrounding the leaks of episodes 4 and 6 of Season 7 of the HBO megahit. The HBO Security team channels Daenerys as they decide whether to look beyond the Wall or move on King’s Landing; do they focus […]

Inside the 2017 Threat Monitoring, Detection, and Response Report

The Crowd Research Partners 2017 Threat Monitoring Report was recently released and it is no surprise the majority of organizations think insider attacks have generally become more frequent over the last 12 months. What is a surprise is that only 30% of organizations feel moderately to extremely confident about their insider threat security posture.  Granted […]

Does DLP Prevent Data Exfiltration…

It happened again… Your trusted business partner was granted access to your internal file-share and began pulling gigabytes of data to their corporate issued laptop. You’re safe, right? All the discovery was done, the files are tagged, you know who has read and write permissions on the Share. Your network and endpoint DLP are patrolling […]

The Customer Knows Best: 5 Key Takeaways from Our Advisory Board

At ObserveIT, we put our customers at the center of every decision we make. This is why, when we get the opportunity to talk to them directly, to hear in their own words about their challenges and their needs with regards to insider threat, we jump at the chance. Earlier this year, we convened customer […]

Insider Threats Portrayed by Hollywood

Insider Threat is not only top mind for many organizations across the globe, it also seems to be on the minds of Hollywood writers and directors. This blog takes a look at the top 4 insider threats seen in popular TV shows and movies. Mr. Robot Category of Insider Threat: IT Sabotage There are […]

Executive Order 13800: Strengthening Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure

Summary: Presidential Executive Order 13800 focuses on many key areas that are integral to building and maintaining a successful Insider Threat Program. Some of these critical components include establishing: clear objectives, goals, executive-level participants from key divisions, timeframes and justifications. The White House announced Presidential Executive Order 13800 on May 11, 2017. This order focuses […]

Insider Threat Monitoring and Analytics Comparison with EDR

What is EDR? EDR stands for Endpoint Detection & Response. These tools are security solutions designed to help security teams detect malicious activity on endpoints, understand the chain of attack, and enable administrators to respond appropriately. To truly understand the value of EDR you first have to understand how traditional anti-virus searches and identifies threats. […]

CERT: Insider Threat Resource

CERT Insider Threat Center (SEI Carnegie Mellon University) Insider Threat Tips is shifting gears this week focusing on a great insider threat resource, the CERT insider threat group. This organization is spearheading the research efforts on insider threat and is a great place to expand your insider threat knowledge base. TL;DR (Too Long Didn’t read) […]

10 Best Practices for Cyber Security in 2017

Everyone wishes their organization could be more secure. With the number of hackers, Insider Threats and other threats to your cyber security out there, you can always find a new security practice to enact. For this post, we’re not to telling you about encrypting data or putting up firewalls. We’ll assume you already have those […]