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User Activity Monitoring

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ObserveIT visually captures all user actions, analyzes activity, and alerts you to abnormal behavior in real time.

Key Features

Visual Session Recording

 Visual Session Recording

ObserveIT visually captures all user activity in every application, web page and system, regardless of how users gain access (RDP, SSH, Telnet, Citrix, direct console login, etc.).  User activity logs provide a searchable, human readable, audit trail of all activity that can be integrated with existing security solutions  

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User Behavior Analytics

User Behavior Analytics

ObserveIT continually analyzes user activity detecting actions that are out of role, suspicious, or in violation of security policies. Activity alerting provides notification to key security team members so team can respond to security incidents with user forensics.

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Live Session Response

Live Response

ObserveIT allows you to see exactly what’s happening in live sessions and act in real time. Whether you learn of suspicious activity from ObserveIT activity alerting, or your SIEM, you drill-down into the session, message the user for behavior modification or remotely shut down the session. 

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How It Works

ObserveIT Architecture



Allianz uses ObserveIT

"ObserveIT is a business critical system for us, addressing key legal regulations while also providing unparalleled visibility into what our contractors and consultants are doing with our sensitive systems and data."

- Michael Holder, Head of Global Identity and Access Management

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