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User Behavior Analytics

ObserveIT User Behavior Analytics allows you to quickly identify and investigate risky users across your enterprise. At a glance, you’re able to see a user risk summary, breakdown of risky users, new users at risk, top risky applications and activity alerts. User behavior analytics and risk scoring highlights new users becoming risky and shows changes in their behavior based on risk score, recent score changes, applications being used and alerts that were triggered.

ObserveIT analyzes exactly what the user does during a session using our proprietary metadata and contextual screen captures to assign the most accurate risk score to users and eliminate false positives from normal activity. ObserveIT provides immediate notification and real-time calculation of users’ risk. When a risky action is performed – such as exporting confidential customer information, performing large database queries that are out of the scope of their role, or accessing resources they shouldn’t be accessing – the user gets a score based on the severity of the activity. ObserveIT allows customization and modification of rules to match the unique needs for each company. Our user behavior analytics prioritize internal investigation so security teams can focus on which users are actually putting your business at risk on an enterprise-scale.

ObserveIT’s Insider Threat solution provides unparalleled visibility into the users who are putting your organization at risk. By monitoring and alerting on field-level application usage, scoring users based on their imposed risk, and using the User Risk Dashboard, you can detect and mitigate the risk of insider threats across all users in an organization - privileged users, third-party vendors and business users.

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