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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about ObserveIT user activity monitoring.

Q. Can I control what ObserveIT records?

A. Yes, within the Web Console it is possible to define what the Agent records. By using inclusion or exclusion, you can control many aspects of the recording policy, such as the users being recorded, the list of applications being recorded, included/excluded URLs and so on.

Q. Can I export videos?

A. Yes, an entire session or part of a session can be exported to a standalone executable of the video sequence. This can be used for offline viewing or as evidence for user actions in case such information is required by an auditor.

Q. What types of alerting mechanism are available in ObserveIT?

A. Alerts can be sent by email.

Q. What operating systems are supported by ObserveIT?

A. An updated list of all supported operating systems can be found here.

Q. How many servers, desktops and network devices can ObserveIT monitor?

A. There is no inherent limit on the number of managed instances. ObserveIT for Servers scales up and out to support as many systems as necessary.

Q. Can I integrate my software with ObserveIT?

A. Yes, there is a published set of APIs and an SDK that developers and administrators can use to integrate functionality with 3rd party applications.

Q. Where are the ObserveIT videos stored?

A. Unlike other screen recording software, ObserveIT does not store the recordings in individual files. All the data captured by ObserveIT is stored within a Microsoft SQL Server database, on the Database Server. Because this information is stored along with the metadata describing what is seen on the screen, you can perform very powerful searches across your entire enterprise.

Q. Is my recorded data secure?

A. Yes. The data is digitally signed and encrypted when it is stored in the database. Access to the data is limited by permissions defined within the Web Console, and any access to this data is audited by ObserveIT.

Q. How do I secure the communication between the ObserveIT Agent and the Application server?

A. All you need to do is to enable the security option in the ObserveIT web console. This enables secure communication between the Agent and the application server. The security mechanism for the communication includes:

  • Encryption (Rijndael)
  • Digital signing
  • Token exchange

 You can further secure the communication by configuring IIS on the Application server to require SSL, and the Agent to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Q. How do I know that the ObserveIT Agent is working properly?

A. There is a health check process that polls the Agents, Application Server(s) and Database Server to verify communication and functionality.

Q. What types of user activities does ObserveIT record?

A. ObserveIT captures and records all activities which require user input from either the keyboard or mouse.

Q. Can I control what ObserveIT records?

A. Yes. The Agent recording settings are configured through policies, either at the server level, or on a group of servers.

Q. What is the captured data size for an average user session?

A. Although this varies by use case, a typical eight hour session can generate between 100 MB and 200 MB of data for business users, 25 MB to 75 MB of data for IT users.

Q. How much bandwidth does ObserveIT use?

A. The maximum network utilization per session is between 15 and 30 Kb when a user is actively interacting with the server. There is also a minimal communication for health checks during idle time.

Q. How much disk space is required by the ObserveIT Agent installation?

A. The ObserveIT Agent installation utilizes approximately 10 MB of disk space.

Q. How much CPU is used by the ObserveIT Agent?

A. The ObserveIT Agent utilizes approximately 1% to 3% CPU usage while the user is actively interacting with the system, none during idle time.

Q. How much memory is used by the ObserveIT Agent?

A. The ObserveIT Agent utilizes approximately 10MB of memory.

Q. Can a user disable the ObserveIT Agent and prevent it from recording?

A. No. If the ObserveIT agent is tampered with or stops reporting, the ObserveIT administrator will receive an alert immediately.

Q. Can I control access to ObserveIT Management Web Console and video replaying?

A. Yes. ObserveIT has role based administration that limits and controls access to functionality and content in the web console.


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