Insider Threats Are Everywhere

The greatest threat to businesses today isn’t the outsider trying to get in. It’s the people you trust—the ones who already have the keys.

Can you afford to ignore them?

60% of all attacks are carried out by insiders

Source: IBM

$5 million in costs for each insider-caused security breach

Source: SANS

$350,000 in costs for resources to investigate and correct an incident

Source: Ponemon

Learn More About Insider Threats

Decrease your risk immediately with advanced insider threat detection and prevention.

To stop both malicious and accidental insider threats, you must continuously monitor all user activity. With ObserveIT’s comprehensive insider threat management solution, your organization can swiftly identify and eliminate risks.

How ObserveIT combats insider threats:


Uncover risky user activity by identifying anomalous behavior.


Investigate suspicious user activity in minutes—not days.


Reduce risk with real-time user alerts, blocking, and education.

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Use Cases

ObserveIT’s insider threat management solution provides organizations with “eyes on the endpoint” and the ability to continuously monitor user behavior.

ObserveIT alerts to security and IT teams immediately about activities that put your organization at risk and offers all the context you need to respond.

Enterprise-grade insider threat detection and prevention

ObserveIT is built to help large enterprises identify and eliminate insider threats.

Lightweight Architecture

No appliance or hardware installation. Ultra-efficient, low footprint.

Rapid Deployment

A standard deployment takes hours or days—not weeks or months.

Immediate Value

Gain instant, out-of-the-box insight into user behavior and stop data loss.

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