4 Steps to Reducing Insider Risk in the New [Work] Reality

On-Demand Webinar

Digital transformation has been reshaping work for years. 2020 has accelerated global reliance on remote work and cloud-based technologies at a pace we’ve never seen before. From a cybersecurity perspective, many organizations have been caught flat-footed by insider threats.

According to Verizon, 30% of data breaches are insider driven. The cost of these insider breaches has risen by 31% in two years to $11.45 million. Whether negligent, malicious or criminal, insider threats present a major financial and reputational risk to organizations.

Insiders can be anyone from a trusted employee, to a third-party contractor, to a supply chain vendor. Yet, most organizations still rely on defending outside attacks to a “perimeter” that no longer exists – especially in our new work reality.

Modern security programs complement traditional “outside-in” security solutions with a people-centric approach to insider threats. Only an approach that blends people, process, and technology can successfully prevent data loss.

Join Josh Epstein, VP at Proofpoint Insider Threat Management as he discusses the 4 steps that you can take to reduce insider risk in the new [work] reality.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The new realities of how a distributed workforce and third-party workers access systems and data
  • The unique risks of insider threats and how to protect against data loss
  • How to take a people-centric approach to strengthen resilience and reduce insider risk

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