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Black Hat USA: A Retro-Themed Recap

The 2018 Black Hat USA conference may have come and gone, but it is still top of mind in the ObserveIT offices, thanks to the number of great insider threat management conversations that took place.

Join us as we look back at this year’s event from start to finish, sharing our key learnings, and (hopefully) a taste of the magic!

Addressing the New State of the Insider Threat

Over the past few years the concept of the insider threat has moved away from the periphery of the cybersecurity conversation to the forefront, likely thanks to the increasing number and frequency of high-profile incidents, and data unveiling their true cost.

In fact, our guest speaker at Black Hat (Mark Sutton, VP & CISO of Bain Capital) addressed this very story in his talk.

But as you can imagine; being an insider threat management software provider; we want to know how organizations are moving to address this new reality. And if the conversations we overheard at Black Hat are any indicator, it likely won’t be (or continue to be) with data loss prevention tools.

DLP is a Throwback Technology

The notion that data loss prevention (or DLP) tools aren’t providing organizations with much value isn’t news. More often than not, these tools put unnecessary burden on the endpoint and put up barriers that make it harder for people to be productive.

In other words, it is the antithesis for how ObserveIT gets things done.

As such, we made DLP’s “throwback technology status” and our 21st century approach to insider threat management the central focus of our 1980’s-retro nostalgia booth.

The Infamous 80’s “Hacker Basement”

Pop-Culture Galore

If you missed it the first time, we also put together a few 80’s inspired pieces of content discussing DLP and insider threat management, including:

  1. What the Movie Tron Teaches Us About Data Loss & Insider Threats
  2. Which 80’s Pop-Culture Icon Best Represents Your Insider Threat Management Style?
  3. Booth Posters

As you can see, Black Hat USA 2018 was heavy. (In a good way.) But we’re eagerly awaiting next year’s show! Hope to see you there.