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Case Study: ObserveIT Saves Telecom Company Over $5M

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Case Study: ObserveIT Saves Telecom Company Over MWorking at ObserveIT, I love to hear how our solution helps prevent injustice.  So imagine my excitement when I learned that ObserveIT saved our customer, a major telecommunications company named “XYZ Telcom” for the sake of this post, nearly $5 million!  This story is soawesome that I knew that I had to share it with you.  Apparently, during one month in 2012, XYZ Telcom was accused by a client of repeatedly causing servers to crash after providing troubleshooting support – which according to their SLA would have justified a hefty lawsuit of around $4 to 6 million.

Luckily for XYZ Telcom, all technical support sessionson client servers are recorded by ObserveIT software.  Even with over 21,000 sessions recorded that month, XYZ Telcom was able to easily find the sessions they had with this client, and then used those recordings to provethat the actions of their technical engineers were not the cause for their client’s downtime.  In other words, ObserveIT saved the day…and did I mention, nearly $5 million!   Pretty cool, right?

In addition, even though ObserveIT was used to show the client proof that the troubleshooting was harmless, it wasn’t the only reason XYZ Telcom was using ObserveIT. ObserveIT is regularly used by XYZ Telcom for legal protection, marketing advantage, technical support, and managerial purposes.  This is how they implement ObserveIT for their benefit:

Legal Support
ObserveIT continues to protect the company from customer complaints, and potentially unjust and costly lawsuits.

Marketing Support
Since ObserveIT helped them become stronger in security compliance, it has become a marketing tool, making them far more competitive in their responses to RFPs.

Technical Support
They no longer need to wait for problems to reoccur, in order to figure out how to solve them.  Because ObserveIT records all administrator actions like a surveillance camera would, they are able to “rewind” the videos and use them as a guide for troubleshooting and training purposes, saving precious time. And because ObserveIT automatically transcribes an easy-to-read summary of every session, it is fast an easy to find any particular user action.

Management Level
ObserveIT’s reporting capabilities alone are a very valuable asset.  Recall that XYZ Telcom has over 21,000 sessions per month, and is steadily growing. Even given this huge influx of activity, ObserveIT administrators can easily create reports that reveal what geographical locations are experiencing the most problems.  This newly gained knowledge gives XYZ Telcom the ability to find, and then follow, trends in order to manage their manpower effectively, thereby providing the best customer service possible.  When problems are solved quickly and effectively, customers are happier.  And when customers are happier, customers stay loyal to the provider and advertise for them by word of mouth—ultimately, building a solid brand name and generating more profits.

Overall, ObserveIT has saved XYZ Telcom millions of dollars, and continues to create opportunities to save time, build a stronger brand name, and increase profits.  Most certainly, ObserveIT is doing the same and more for all the other companies utilizing this essential solution, by providing support for numerous needs and creating financial benefits.

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