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Display an Interactive Message Box to Users Upon Login

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Display an Interactive Message Box to Users Upon LoginMost everyone is probably familiar with ObserveIT’s core functionality – recording video of user actions during RDP, SSH, VMWare and Citrix sessions. Besides video, ObserveIT also transcribes (into easy-to-ready summaries) all the actions – so, similar to chapters in a DVD, you can search for specific incidents within each video.

But we also have some other cool features that aren’t so well known.

For example  – ObserveIT has an optional Login Message Feature. It lets you display a message window to the user upon login.  You can use the message window to notify the user of conduct policies, general company messages, technical instructions or even to inform them that their session is being recorded. This is great as a preventative measure, because once someone is aware they are being watched they’ll be much more likely to log in, do their work, and get out.

The Login Message feature is highly configurable, both in terms of messaging and when/where it appears. For instance, you may choose to include an input box to require the user to enter a valid support ticket number, or you could include a simple “Agree” checkbox for policy-related messaging. You can also decide where, when, and to whom, messages will appear for by setting the specific servers/desktops that will show the chosen message, and whether a user-response is mandatory (i.e., support ticket number).