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Ireland ICTTF Cyber Threat Summit – July 2011

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ObserveIT was invited by Pael Dwyer (an industry leader covering the areas of security, risk and compliance in the Irish market) to give a presentation about Blindspots, which exist in many company’s security and compliance audits.

The summit hosted over 140 delegates, which most of them were senior security officers of all largest Irish companies and Organisations and took place in Dublin’s waterfront convention centre.

The presentation that I gave discussed the very common scenario, where companies invest huge funds and resources to prevent unauthorized users from accessing their networks and servers, however once they allow such access, there are 100’s of cases, where these users can do potential risky tasks and these events are not logged anywhere and are very hard to track. In my presentation I covered some of these event’s that we refer to as blind spots and demonstrated how ObserveIT can help to easily float these cases and integrate the information about these events into log managers and SIEM products.

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