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ObserveIT v5.3 Early Availability now available

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Some of the new features in this release:

File system storage

Additional storage management options by allowing you to choose file system for storage of screen image captures, instead of the default SQL database storage.

Japanese support

Fully localized version of ObserveIT in Japanese

Expanded Policy Rules – URL Filtering

Provides the ability to specify policy configuration in order to monitor specific URLs. This is especially useful when you want to audit a specific cloud-based application (ex:, but do not want to record other activity that occurs within the browser (ex: web-mail, web browsing unrelated to work activity), either for storage reasons or for privacy reasons.

Expanded API Capabilities

The ObserveIT Agent API now has greater support for multiple concurrent sessions, including the ability to trigger recording for specific users only. (ex: if two users are currently logged into a specific server, you can use the API to tell the agent to start recording only the session of User A, but do not record User B.)

The API can also be used to trigger an agent-initiated health check, to validate registry entries and existence of active app in sessions list.

Centralized web console

You can now implement a centralized web console that displays audit recording data from multiple federated ObserveIT deployments. For example, if you have two distinct production environments, each one being monitored by a separate deployment of ObserveIT, you can set up a centralized web console that will show integrated results from both environments. The centralized web console honors the security and user access policy rules that are specified per local ObserveIT installation.

ActiveX client support

v5.3 includes integrated support for ActiveX-based client deployment. ActiveX clients are useful for monitoring of cloud-based applications.

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Danny David | ObserveIT Product Manager