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ObserveIT at the Innovative Security Technologies Conference in Lille, France – 15/9/11

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Held in the historic city of Lille, the Innovative Security Technologies Conference hosted by Advens on September 15th was a great success.

With 11 vendor sponsors exhibiting and speaking about their latest solutions, the event was interesting and very well-attended. There appeared to be quite a few senior IT security folks, including a number of CISO’s.

ObserveIT recently signed a partnership with Advens and was thrilled to participate in the event.

Despite this being a free event for the delegates, I was very impressed with how many attended and the fact that most stayed for the entire day.

Since I was scheduled to talk at 16:40, I was a bit concerned that there would not be many people remaining to see my presentation, however I was pleasantly surprised when the room was over 75% full.

The talk went very well and the Q&A session was very lively.  I fully expect that there will be business coming out of this event and I am looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Advens.