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ObserveIT v5.5 Early Availability release

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The latest relase of ObserveIT adds features to ensure privacy regulation compliance and to strengthen enterprise management and employee privacy capabilities. We are inviting any current customer as well as anyone evaluating the product to join the EA program. If you would like to get this release, please contact me at

Some of the new features in this release (More details here):

Database Archiving

In v5.5, you now have the ability to selectively archive session recording data. Data archiving of recordings can be run on an ad-hoc basis, and can also be scheduled for automatic archiving.

Selection of what is to be archived can be specified by session specific data (ex: Do not archive Server X, Archive all users from User Group Y) and can also be specified by date.
When data is archived, it is still available for full audit review. Textual metadata still will show up in all audit diaries and reports. Then, if you wish to actually replay a session, you have the option to restore this specific recording only.

Session Privacy: Dual Password Protection for Playback

ObserveIT now allows you to specify a second password (not managed by the ObserveIT administrator) that is required in order to replay the video of a user session.

This new double password feature ensures both audit completeness and employee privacy. In the most typical usage, Management (via ObserveIT Administrator) holds the main ObserveIT password, and a union rep or legal council holds the second password. This then satisfies the most stringent privacy protection regulations, including BDSG (Germany), CNIL (France), DPD 95/46/EC (EU), Human Rights Act (UK). Granular deployment allows textual audit logs to be accessed by compliance officers (without the second password), but video replay requires employee council authorization (both passwords)


Keystroke Trigger Frequency

You can define the frequency that user keyboard actions will trigger screen capture. This allows you to further control your preferred smoothness of recording vs. database storage size.

Browsers Support

v5.5 adds smoother support for IE9, Firefox 5 and Google Chrome 12

Enhanced DB encryption method

A new database encryption method was added, which allows you to specify your own encryption certificate.


Danny David | ObserveIT Product Manager