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ObserveIT’s New Release Coming Soon to a Server Near You!

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We are happy to announce our new version will be released soon!

In the meantime, we’re launching an early availability (Beta) version on June 30th. To get early access to the latest feature additions, just ping me and I’ll be glad to get you the installation package.

You can read about what’s coming in v5.6.8 here!

Some of the most exciting features include:

  • Threat Detection Console – Contains charts which help administrators easily pinpoint suspicious activity on monitored computers.

·         Night and Weekend Activity Chart

·         Most Active Computers Now Chart

·         Infrequently Used Applications Chart

·         Leap Frog Logins Chart

·         More Charts…

  • DBA Activity Audit – Provides monitoring of SQL queries executed by DBAs against production databases. ObserveIT users can review all SQL queries performed on a given date, or filter results by database, DB User, server, login ID or any text contained within the queries.
  • User and Server Statistic Graphs – Displays pie charts showing the various login IDs used to access a currently-selected server, and a bar chart showing the number of recorded frames, by day, during the selected time period. Likewise, the you can also check user statistics with a chart of the various servers access by the currently-selected user and a bar chart showing the number of recorded frames, by day, during the selected time period.
  • Advanced Keylogger for Unix/Linux – ObserveIT now captures all output to the terminal screen. Thus, a search in ObserveIT for a particular text string will now bring results when that text string appeared anywhere in a session’s screen output.
  • New Server Platform Support – Version 5.6.8 adds support for monitoring Windows 8 machines

That’s not all – there are many additional features and existing feature improvements. Please read about them here. I’m also available for questions – don’t hesitate to reach out.