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RSAC 2019 Preview: Why Do Old School Insider Threat Risks Still Linger Today?

Old school technology is still creating big insider threat risks within organizations. Technologies that have been around for decades, such as USB drives, are often used by insiders to exfiltrate sensitive company data. At the RSA Conference 2019, the ObserveIT team will showcase a retro tech-themed booth, and we’ll be sharing more about the outdated technologies and risky user activities that could cause data loss at your organization.

Come see us at Booth #259 in the RSAC South Hall to learn about the top threats that have been lingering since your arcade days (and hang out to play some O.G. Nintendo games while you’re at it!)

Old School Technology Risks are Alive and Kicking

Even if cybersecurity professionals aren’t giving them a second thought, outdated technologies are still a top cause of insider threat incidents. Often, employees’ use of older technology (like plugging in that USB drive to print a document drafted on a home computer) is so second-nature, they may not know their actions are risky.

Some common examples of old school threat vectors include:

    • Removable media, such as USBs, can be used by threat actors to transmit malware to unsuspecting users’ local machines, or can be used by malicious insiders to exfiltrate data.
    • Printers and paper records are responsible for an astounding number of data breaches, particularly within the healthcare industry.
    • Keyboard shortcuts (such as print screen, screenshots, and copy/paste) are commonly used by insider threats as an under-the-radar way to steal company data.
    • FTP transfer sites, although they’ve been around since the 70s, still linger as a top cause of data loss(!)

Implementing a clear, easy-to-understand cybersecurity policy paired with user coaching can help prevent the misuse of outdated technologies within your organization. With some technologies such as USBs, it may make sense to block access altogether (particularly if you’re in a highly regulated industry).  If employees are aware of some of the reasons why these types of technologies are prohibited, or know how to properly use them, the chance of accidental insider threat incidents drops dramatically.

Completely restrictive cybersecurity policies, however, aren’t always realistic in the modern organization. That’s where insider threat management platforms like ObserveIT 7.7 can help reduce the risk of data exfiltration through endpoints, including keyboard shortcuts and removable media. Using ObserveIT 7.7, security teams can mitigate and investigate potential insider threat incidents from these old school data exfiltration vectors. The platform’s easily searchable dashboard provides even more insights into risky user actions and data movement.

Visit ObserveIT at RSAC 2019

Want to learn more about old school insider threat vectors and new school ways to combat them? Stop by ObserveIT’s RSA Booth #259 in the South Hall. We’ll have plenty of retro-themed fun waiting for you (including a cybersecurity spin on 80s movies, Nintendo games, and even a replica of the old recliner you sat in to play those video games). You can also give ObserveIT 7.7 a spin for yourself in our sandbox environment, and ask us anything, from your burning cybersecurity questions to 80s movie trivia!

And in the evening, we’d love for you to join us for a Security Leader VIP after party on Tuesday, March 5 from 6-9 p.m., at City View at the Metreon.