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About ObserveIT

Who We Are

ObserveIT is a lightweight endpoint solution that empowers organizations to precisely identify and proactively protect against malicious and negligent behavior of everyday users, privileged users and remote vendors. We significantly reduce security incidents by changing user behavior through real-time education and deterrence coupled with full-screen video capture of security policy violations. This cuts investigation time from days sifting through logs to minutes of playing back video. ObserveIT is trusted by over 1,400 customers in 87 countries across all verticals.

Our Values

Talk to Everyone: At ObserveIT we talk and collaborate with those around us daily. We proactively seek out information by talking to our colleagues to understand our customers and to build our company. We share ideas and feedback and believe in teamwork outside the structure of the 'team.' We practice cross-department collaboration by talking first and emailing second and by deliberately talking to someone new every day. At ObserveIT, there are no loners.

Welcome To Our Family: At ObserveIT, we are building an incredible team in a family atmosphere. We are made up of people; titles are secondary. We seek to understand first before needing to be understood. We regularly spend time together both as professionals and as a family. This provides a sense of belonging to people who care for our well-being. We have a 'no ego' approach to our work and share mutual respect regardless of job responsibility. We share separate differences of opinions in a polite and friendly way.

Competitive Drive: At ObserveIT we have a strong desire to win. We are driven every day to align ourselves for the best chance at success. We lead with intensity, and coming in second is not an option. We are hungry for doing and being more every day.

Learning/Sharing: At ObserveIT we believe in the 'pay it forward' mindset; in taking risks and making mistakes. We share what worked and what didn't work and invest in the success of others. Providing feedback is highly recommended not only from managers but also between colleagues. We individually want to be a part of the greater solution.

Customer Centric: At ObserveIT, we know theinitial purchase isjust the first step a customer takes with us. We believe in creating a long-lasting partnership through the customer lifecycle, including help with activities such as deployment, training, upgrades and support. We strive to always put the customer first, and are constantly listening to their feedback, guidance and industry expertise to shape both the product and organization.

Entrepreneurial: At ObserveIT we create original solutions by thinking outside the box for better outcomes. We recruit independent people and enable them to be creative. We like being able to do work that is not always defined in the job title. We want to enlarge our responsibilities. We are honest and reliable people.

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200 Clarendon Street, Floor 21
Boston, MA 02116


Tel-Aviv, Israel:

Kiryat Atidim, Building #7, 4th Floor
Tel Aviv 61580


Mailing Address:
P.O.B. 58085
Tel Aviv 61580



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