It’s 2019.
“Data Loss Prevention”
Isn’t Going to Cut It.

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Data continues to stream out of your organization.

Data loss prevention tools are:

  1. Hard to deploy
  2. Hard to maintain
  3. Heavy on the endpoint

Bottom Line: DLP as we know it today is unrealistic.
It’s time to take a more modern approach.

I haven't seen an enterprise DLP my team can’t bypass in a matter of seconds.

The Modern Alternative to DLP


  • Leverage a library of common insider threat indicators
  • Track files in use, in motion, and at rest
  • Identify exfiltration points
  • Detect suspicious behavior
  • Receive alerts in real time


  • Gain visibility into user behavior
  • Achieve clarity and rich context around what happened
  • Easily integrate with your security ecosystem to investigate deeper
  • Reduce incident response times


  • Stop data loss in action
  • Remediate incidents
  • Educate users and prevent future data loss
  • Meet compliance with detailed audit trails

Data Loss Prevention

  • Trouble deploying and realizing value (incomplete deployments common)
  • High-maintenance, endless fine-tuning of rules and signatures
  • Heavyweight agent slowing down endpoints
  • Difficult to maintain data classification scheme
  • Insufficient to stymie data loss caused by insider threats
  • Trivial for technical users to bypass
  • Incomplete data loss prevention with a blind spot for insider threat
  • Struggles to communicate between data owners and DLP administrators
  • Lagging response times due to the difficulty of gaining context



  • Streamlined deployment and quick return on investment
  • Low-maintenance, out-of-the-box threat library
  • Lightweight user-mode agent
  • No data classification scheme required; user behavior is the focus
  • Built to detect and respond to insider threats
  • Extremely difficult to bypass
  • Complete detection, deterrence, and mitigation of data exfiltration and insider threats
  • Easy to communicate between IT and the larger business about threats
  • Dramatically reduced response times
  • Size: 950 Employees
  • Assets: $75 billion under management
  • Type: Multi-asset investment firm

Their Challenge

Incomplete Prevention: DLP rule sets had a low rate of data loss prevention. Plus, it took days to understand what a user had done with sensitive files and folders after an incident.

Performance Issues: The heavyweight DLP agent would frequently blue screen systems, causing performance issues for users.

No Early Warning: The DLP could not identify early warning signs and detect data exfiltration attempts. It did not offer proper visibility for audits or incident response, resulting in long remediation cycles.

Our Solution

Reduced Incident Response Times: Incident response times were reduced from an average of five to 10 hours to less than one hour.

Performance Improvements: ObserveIT resolved the performance issues and reduced the cost of maintenance and volume of help desk tickets.

Greater Clarity and Context: The team achieved far more clarity and context around events, and the time to generate audit reports was reduced by 20 to 30%.

The Result

With fewer operational headaches and deeper visibility, the customer is now able to respond to data exfiltration attempts and insider threats up to 10x faster. They are better able to meet stringent financial compliance obligations and reduce their overall risk, having moved away from traditional DLP and adopted ObserveIT’s modern insider threat detection and response platform.

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Data loss prevention is the paradigm of the past.

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