Everything You Need to Know About Email Data Exfiltration

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About this Webinar

Sometimes it’s an employee innocuously emailing an attachment to their personal email to work on it remotely. Other times, it’s a disgruntled or departing employee sending corporate IP to themselves or other external recipients to get back at the organization.

Regardless of intent, these actions expose the organization to significant data loss and IP theft risks. And, unfortunately, most organizations’ current tools are too slow and require a lot of manual analysis, too.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn everything you need to know about email data exfiltration, why it’s so risky, and how to identify it in real-time so you can investigate and respond faster.

You will learn:

  • Why email is such a common exfiltration point
  • Why legacy solutions (like DLP and “email security” tools) slow down detection & hamstring investigations
  • How to detect data exfiltration via email in real time
  • How to investigate user intent and gain full context into email-based exfiltration events


  • Michael Gordover

    Senior Solutions Architect, ObserveIT

  • Saikrishna (Sai) Chavali

    Security Strategist, ObserveIT

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