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ObserveIT helps organizations of all sizes meet & exceed GDPR compliance requirements.

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The EU General Data Protection Regulation rules went into effect on May 25, 2018.

A whopping 52% of European businesses don’t understand the impact of GDPR on their organization.

Source: ESET

In 2020, 40% of organizations will be in violation of GDPR

Source: Gartner

Fines can be as high as: 4% of annual revenue or up to €20 million—whichever is higher

Source: EU GDPR

This regulation impacts every organization that processes the data of EU residents.

Are you meeting GDPR compliance requirements?

ObserveIT Helps Customers Achieve GDPR Compliance By Identifying and Eliminating Insider Threats

Here’s how:

Article Requirement How ObserveIT Helps
Article 5: Principles relating to personal data processing Adopt technology and processes to ensure data confidentiality, including prevention of unauthorized processing Continuous monitoring of all user activity to identify and prevent instances of data loss and misuse. Built-in privacy by design, including anonymization of user behavior data.
Article 24: Responsibility of the controller Monitor and demonstrate GDPR compliance via technology and processes Total visibility, detection, and prediction of user-based risks.
Article 32: Security of processing Implement protective measures corresponding to the level of risk of data processing activities Alerting based on user activity that indicates sensitive data could be at risk.
Article 33: Notification of a personal data breach to the supervisory authority In case of a breach, notify the supervising authority within 72 hours and affected data subjects without undue delay Identification of breaches and threat indicators within minutes, allowing for speedier notification.
Article 39: Tasks of the data protection officer (DPO) Monitor and demonstrate GDPR via technology and processes

Conduct awareness-raising and training for staff involved in processing operations and related audits

Clear and detailed audit trails.

Bi-directional feedback and communication to raise internal awareness and increase compliance adoption.


People process technology

Align Your People, Processes, and Technology To Maintain GDPR Compliance

1. Focus on the data: what, where, and who has access

2. Assess risks, including insider threat risk

3. Choose technology to implement “data protection by design and by default”

ObserveIT helps organizations achieve data protection by design, and by default.

Our insider threat management software enables teams to:


Know what your users are doing and how they are handling personal data


Detect and prevent data exfiltration, loss, and misuse


Notify authorities quickly about data breaches, with full context at-hand

Quickly and sustainably meet GDPR mandates with the help of ObserveIT.
Reduce risk, improve your privacy posture, and solidify customer trust.

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