How to Stop the Most Common Data Exfiltration Threats

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About this Webinar

The threats of the 90s (and 2000s) are alive in your organization: insider threats are still using removable media, keyboard commands, and other old-school methods to exfiltrate sensitive data. Even though these exfiltration methods have been around forever, many current approaches to stopping them are failing.

This conversation will cover why removable media and other old-school methods are still threats in 2019, and how organizations can protect themselves from data loss in the modern landscape.

You will Learn:

  • What constitutes removable media
  • The biggest threat concerns for removable media: from malware to insider threats
  • Why data exfiltration through removable media is still a problem
  • How people are actually solving these problems today, and why these methods fall short
  • What a modern approach to insider threat management looks like (for threats old and new)


  • Guest Speaker, Joseph Blankenship

    Principal Analyst, Forrester

  • Michael McKee

    Mike McKee

    CEO & Director, ObserveIT

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