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Why is Insider Threat Detection Important?

You can only know what you know. It doesn’t matter if you have an inkling, suspicion, or heard something through the grapevine, without true evidence-based visibility, you cannot truly detect insider threats within your organization. And with the cost of incidents so high ($8.76 million per incident, on average), insider threat detection is crucial. Threat […]

Black Hat USA: A Retro-Themed Recap

The 2018 Black Hat USA conference may have come and gone, but it is still top of mind in the ObserveIT offices, thanks to the number of great insider threat management conversations that took place. Join us as we look back at this year’s event from start to finish, sharing our key learnings, and (hopefully) […]

Top 10 Cybersecurity Blogs for Insider Threat News

We’re big insider threat news and analysis junkies over here at ObserveIT. In fact, if there was a CSPAN equivalent for insider threat news, we’d be tuned in 24-7. (OK, we may need a new hobby.) This love of all things insider threat is why we compiled a list of our favorite cybersecurity blogs for […]

Why You Should Bother With User Privacy & Data Anonymization

Insider threat incidents, and their total cost, are documented to be on the rise. With average costs for a single incident totaling out to about $8.76 million, it’s no wonder that cybersecurity teams are taking notice and acting quickly to detect and eliminate potential insider threats. However, just as the number and cost of insider […]

The Insider Threat Level: The Biggest Business Threat is…You!

Your people are your biggest asset, but also your biggest risk. Do you have the ability to detect, investigate, and prevent a costly insider threat incident, or know how to recognize one when it occurs? The Insider Threat Level series is here to keep you up-to-speed on the numerous examples of insider threat incidents, trends, […]

Do Your Users Really Understand Your Cybersecurity Policy?

Everyone knows that a successful cybersecurity program starts with your users (the potential insider threat) understanding and following through with established cybersecurity policy. After all, they’re the individuals given licensed access to valuable systems, files, and data from the start. If they can’t maintain policy compliance, who can? The better question might be: if your […]