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Spies Among Us: The Rise of State-Sponsored Insider Threats

Chinese-born Greg Chung seemed to Rockwell and Boeing like any other loyal, reliable, hardworking engineer. Little did his employers know, Chung was collecting secret information that would help his home country develop its own space program. From 1979-2006, he stole hundreds of thousands of sensitive documents about the space shuttle, Delta IV rocket, and C-1 […]

5 Examples of Insider Threat-Caused Breaches That Illustrate the Scope of the Problem

If you’ve ever taken an interest in true crime or police investigations, then you probably know that, whenever a crime is committed against someone, it was most likely perpetrated by someone the victim knew. Did you know this is also the case when it comes to data breaches? Insiders can either intentionally or accidentally expose […]

How ObserveIT Helps Meet SWIFT Customer Security Control Requirements

In March 2017, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) published the first version of the Customer Security Controls Framework. The SWIFT CSC was created as a direct response to the rising cybersecurity threats that can impact the confidentiality and integrity of transactions between financial institutions. The SWIFT community, which is comprised of more […]

What Does Cyber Visibility Mean to You?

Edward Amoroso, Founder and CEO, TAG Cyber If you can imagine a group of security technologists sharing hand-scribbled drawings back and forth over webcams, then you have a pretty good idea how I just spent the past hour. The focus of all this scribbling involved how to enable visibility in support of enterprise cyber security. […]

4 Reasons Data Loss Prevention Tools Aren’t Cutting It

Data loss prevention software is designed to detect data leakage and exfiltration by keeping an eye on sensitive data while it is in use, in motion, and at rest. There’s a reason these tools exist. The data loss problem is a big one, and growing every year. In fact, the first half of 2017 saw […]

Financial Services Insider Threat Program Use Case

Kris Kormany, Techway, Cybersecurity & IT Business Consulting In daily discussions with IT teams, it is usually apparent most of their systems are well established. Firewalls are used extensively, the anti-virus system is efficiently configured, and servers have the latest updates. “State of the art”, one would think. But is something missing? Is all of […]

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