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5 Security Technologies that Address Insider Threat

I’m sure we can all agree there’s a lot of noise in the cybersecurity marketplace surrounding technology. Which security solutions do what? When it comes to mitigating insider threats, which tools address the problem and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each? Forrester Senior Analyst, Joseph Blankenship, shared his perspective on the insider threat […]

Mitigating the Dangers of Remote Login Accounts

When strengthening your insider threat security posture, it is crucial that third party access is not over looked. The term “insider” is defined as a current or former employee, contractor, or business partner who has or had authorized access to the organization’s network, systems, or data. An insider threat is when an insider intentionally or […]

10 Ways ObserveIT Goes Beyond Session Recording

Your biggest asset is also your biggest risk. The greatest security challenge organizations face today is people – vendors, contractors, privileged users and business users… the insiders with access to key systems, critical assets and data. It is important security and IT teams leverage user activity monitoring tools to help combat insider threats , bridge compliance […]

Defending Against Insider Threats in Healthcare

It is no secret security breaches from both external and internal threats continue to plague the healthcare sector. However, according to a recent HIMSS report, the majority of healthcare organizations appear to be fighting back in a big way. The 2017 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey is based on the findings of a 2017 poll of 126 healthcare IT […]

Game of Thrones Battle with Insider Threats

Game of thrones, once again, becomes an allegory for Information Security’s battle with insider threat considering the news surrounding the leaks of episodes 4 and 6 of Season 7 of the HBO megahit. The HBO Security team channels Daenerys as they decide whether to look beyond the Wall or move on King’s Landing; do they focus […]