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Insider Threat: It Only Takes One

We all know insiders pose huge security risks to organizations. However, the recent interactions between the US Department of Homeland Security and their ban of Kaspersky solutions from federal agencies sheds light on exactly how devastating insider threat can be for an organization, third party vendors, and the broader political eco-system. TL;DR Essentially, one user […]

Expediting MacOS Agent Deployment

Mac deployment just got a whole lot easier. Using JAMF, the MacOS native package can now be managed and updated in a scalable and efficient manner.  The benefit is shortened deployment times, greater ease of deployment for the full enterprise, and a dramatic reduction in time to value reducing dramatically for large MacOS environments. JAMF […]

Is Traditional DLP Dying?

For years, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) has been the first line of defense against data leaving the organization’s four walls. DLP attempts to classify data, track data, and prevent it from going leaving the organization via unauthorized channels. Research shows that successful DLP implementations are very rare. Organizations continue to struggle with heavy DLP agents […]

7 Steps to Protect Your Data from Insider Threats

Like it or not, your greatest risk already has access to your critical data and systems and it comes from your employees, privileged users and authorized vendors. When trusted users with access to key systems and data are careless, become compromised, or have malicious intent, confidential, proprietary data can quickly become exposed. Detecting insider threats, […]

Mr. Robot Hacks and How to Prevent Them

With season 3 of Mr. Robot coming back strong in its premiere, we took a closer look at some of Elliot’s hacking techniques. Hollywood films and TV shows are notorious for butchering how hackers really operate. Shows like CSI love to casually drop lines like “I’ll create a GUI interface using visual basic to track […]