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6 Ways to Speed Up Security Investigations

You log into your workstation to start your day, when you discover the bad news. Your organization is the latest to be hit by an insider threat caused data leak. Vital information is now streaming out to whomever wants it, and you have no idea what happened. What was leaked? When did it go out? […]

What is Website Categorization and How to Do It

We’ve said it before, and we’ll continue to say it: “Your people are your biggest asset, but they are also your biggest risk.” Knowing what your trusted insiders are up to is a crucial first step in mitigating the potential risk of an insider threat incident. It is the “Detect” portion of our holistic approach […]

The Truth is Out There, but the Threat Is Already Inside

Despite what you may have heard, not all cybersecurity threats come from outside the firewall or beyond your building’s walls. Though we may “want to believe,” there are numerous opportunities for your employees or contractors to cause damage from within. These insider threats can cause upwards of $8.76 million in damage, on average for a […]

Helpful Training Tips for Minimizing Insider Threat Risks

If you have to run a mandatory cybersecurity training session or activity, you know you’ve got a lot of ground to cover. You need to tell your potential insider threats (your employees and contractors): What cybersecurity policies are in place Why they’re important What it means for them How compliance is captured What happens when […]