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Siem Integrations

ObserveIT dramatically enhances any SIEM or log management application by incorporating video playback of user sessions directly into the SIEM console. This combination provides a number of important benefits:

  • Add user session data to SIEM dashboards and reports – including lists of every application run, pie charts showing active users/servers and even detailed listings of specific user actions, all linked directly to video recordings of user sessions
  • Correlate system log data with user activity data – with detailed user activity drill-down and one-click access to the relevant portion of any recorded session video, for a much better understanding of what was done by any user on any server in any application
  • Fill in SIEM logging gaps – for applications without any built-in logging (including legacy, bespoke, commercial and cloud applications), plus all system areas, on Windows, UNIX and Linux machines accessed via any connection method (direct console, SSH, Telnet, Remote Desktop, etc.)
  • Improve regulation compliance and reduce security auditing costs – without the need for complex research and correlation projects, by instantly finding any user action and playing back relevant portions of recorded session videos

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