Modernize Data Protection To Stop Data Loss

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About this webinar

Data protection is a critical focus for security teams. Data breaches caused by insiders or external attackers masquerading as legitimate insiders are far too common. Legacy DLP solutions require cumbersome rules, generating an overwhelming number of false positives while still allowing data to be breached. Modern data protection requires an understanding of data, how it’s used, and the users who access it. This understanding helps identify suspicious behavior and risky activity, so security teams can react quickly to stop data loss. Listen as Mike McKee, CEO of ObserveIT and special guest Joseph Blankenship, Forrester Senior Analyst, discuss how to detect and stop data leaks.

You will learn

  • Common causes of data loss
  • How to recognize suspicious behavior
  • Best practices for protecting sensitive data
  • How you can take a new approach for data protection


  • Joseph Blankenship

    Joseph Blankenship

    Senior Analyst, Forrester Security & Risk Professionals

  • Mike McKee

    CEO & Director, ObserveIT

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