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Alliance and Technology Partners

ObserveIT's Alliance partners are a select group of companies working with ObserveIT to extend the reach and value of ObserveIT's User Activity Monitoring Solution.

Alliance Partners and Product Integrations

ObserveIT integrates with CA Access ControlCA Access Control

ObserveIT is tightly integrated into the full CA Access Control platform and is available as the 'CA Session Recording' product line item.
Observeit and CA Control Minder video

ObserveIT and Citrix AllianceCitrix

Based on the popularity of ObserveIT for monitoring XenApp servers, Citrix and ObserveIT have worked together to certify ObserveIT as Citrix Ready. This provides a reliable, full-featured auditing solution for all XenApp users.

ObserveIT and HP ArcSight

HP ArcSight

ObserveIT is ArcSight CEF Certified, allowing ArcSight users to automatically include ObserveIT user video logs using pre-configured ArcSight connectors.

Activity monitoring for Tibco LogLogicTibco LogLogic

The ObserveIT connector for Tibco LogLogic allows LogLogic to natively display user activity log data, to run reports on ObserveIT activity logs and to launch instant video replays of any user actions.

User monitoring for IBM Security PIMIBM Security PIM

ObserveIT integration with ISPIM provides automatic session recording every time a privileged user logs into a server using a shared credential. Session summaries and video playback are available from within ISPIM.

IBM QRadar and ObserveIT for activity monitoringIBM Security QRadar SIEM

Tight integration between ObserveIT and IBM Security QRadar SIEM provides reporting of ObserveIT-recorded activities within the QRadar console, activity search and direct access to ObserveIT-recorded session videos.

ServiceNow and ObserveIT for User Activity MonitoringServiceNow

Integrating ObserveIT's session recording system with the ServiceNow IT ticketing system provides your organization with additional layers of security and monitoring unavailable in any other approach.

User activity in your SIEM with Splunk and ObserveITSplunk

With ObserveIT's pre-configured Splunk integration module, your Splunk deployment can dynamically display all ObserveIT logs without the need to write integration or correlation code.

ObserveIT connector to RSA enVision for better user monitoringRSA enVision

The certified ObserveIT connector for enVision shows all user activity log data natively within enVision, and enables enVision users to run reports on ObserveIT video logs, including video replay within any browser.


Partner Benefits

  • Accelerate your business and provide true value-add solutions to your customers.
  • Create compelling capabilities that combine your best-in-class technology with the leaders in advanced end user activity monitoring and video playback forensics.
  • The Alliance Partner Program enables a rapidly growing ecosystem around the ObserveIT platform that today is currently enabling Privileged User Management and SIEM products to have best-in-class visual forensics. Technology leaders with ObserveIT integrations will gain technical enablement resources and co-marketing opportunities from the Alliance Partner program.
  • By joining forces with ObserveIT, you will have the opportunity to promote your solution to thousands of ObserveIT customers worldwide. Add your solution to the single largest and most trusted user activity monitoring provider network.
  • Join the Technology Partner program, separate yourself from the competition and bring new levels of visibility and insight to your solution.
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