Partner Benefits

Partner with ObserveIT

Bring insider threat detection and prevention to your customers. Extend the value of your solutions and gain a strategic advantage for your business.

It’s win-win. Want in?


Partnership Types

  • Resellers and Distributors

    ObserveIT’s channel partners are value-added distributors and resellers who want to help their  customers get more out of their current security infrastructure.

    When you partner with ObserveIT, you will receive:

    • Access to key sales and marketing tools, training, and co-marketing opportunities to maximize your revenue
    • Discounts offered based on a combination of certifications, value-added services, and sales results
    • Deal protection when you register a new opportunity
    • New revenue opportunities via implementation services, support, and training
  • Technology Partners

    Technology providers can extend the value of their solutions and deepen customer trust by partnering with ObserveIT.

    When you partner with ObserveIT, you can:

    • Provide value-add solutions to your customers
    • Integrate industry-leading insider threat monitoring and prevention with your existing technology offerings
    • Gain access to exclusive training, research, and sales materials
    • Take advantage of co-marketing opportunities