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ObserveIT Partner Types

The ObserveIT's Partner Program merges industry's best technology and professionals from around the world, delivering superior solutions, services and training to our customers. ObserveIT's Partner Program is a global marketing and technology network designed with the express intent to bring together ObserveIT partners, technology and specialized services to our customers by leveraging our next generation user activity monitoring technology.

Reseller and Distributor Partners

ObserveIT's channel partners are value-added distributors and resellers that help customers get more out of their current security infrastructure with the ObserveIT solution.

 Benefits of the Reseller and Distributor Partner Program:

  • The ObserveIT Reseller and Distributor Program grants priority access to the latest sales and marketing tools, comprehensive training, and co-marketing opportunities.
  • ObserveIT Reseller and Distributor Program rewards partners with market leading discounts based on a combination of certifications, value added services, and sales results.
  • As an ObserveIT Reseller and Distributor Partner, you will receive deal protection when you register a new opportunity and be guaranteed the largest discount on that opportunity.
  • ObserveIT Reseller and Distributor Program enables you to take advantage of new revenue opportunities by providing implementation services, support, and training.


Alliance and Technology Partners

ObserveIT's Alliance partners are a select group of companies working with ObserveIT to extend the reach and value of ObserveIT's User Activity Monitoring Solution.  

Benefits of the Alliance and Technology Partner Program:

  • The ObserveIT Alliance and Technology Partner Program accelerates your business and provide true value-add solutions to your customers.
  • The ObserveIT Alliance and Technology Partner Program creates compelling capabilities that combine your best-in-class technology with the leaders in advanced end user activity monitoring and video playback forensics.
  • The ObserveIT Alliance and Technology Partner Program enables a rapidly growing ecosystem around the ObserveIT platform that today is currently enabling Privileged User Management and SIEM products to have best-in-class visual forensics. Technology leaders with ObserveIT integrations will gain technical enablement resources and co-marketing opportunities from the Alliance Partner program.
  • By joining forces with ObserveIT, you will have the opportunity to promote your solution to thousands of ObserveIT customers worldwide. Add your solution to the single largest and most trusted user activity monitoring provider network.
  • By joining the Alliance and Technology Partner Program, you will separate yourself from the competition and bring new levels of visibility and insight to your solution.

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Managed Service and Consulting Partners

Global outsourcers and system integrators represent a network of consulting partners who provide unique services that leverage ObserveIT technology to provide detailed insight into user activity related risk.

Benefits of the Managed Service and Consulting Partner Program:

  • Managed Service Provider (MSP) program lets you embed the ObserveIT unique technology for User Activity Monitoring and Visual Forensics as a platform into your managed services offering.
  • The ObserveIT MSP program is designed for leading managed service providers and outsourcers who are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition by developing innovative solutions to provide added capabilities for Risk Intelligence and Rapid Incident response to meet SLAs.
  • Gain access to business planning, co-marketing and a wide range of ObserveIT technical training content on the Partner Portal.

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