All Industries

All Industries

ObserveIT helps more than 1,800 customers across a wide range of industries identify and prevent insider threats.
  • Financial Services

    Did you know? 24% of breaches target financial organizations. (Source: DBIR 2017)

    Insider threat risks for financial services institutions include:

    • Fraud and monetary losses
    • Disclosure of confidential customer and/or account data
    • Destabilization of critical infrastructure

    Learn how we help financial service companies decrease their insider threat risk:

  • Telecommunications

    Did you know? 75% of attacks leveled at the information industry are financially-motivated. (Source: DBIR 2017)

    Insider threat risks for telecommunications and information services companies include:

    • Disruption of critical communications infrastructure
    • Theft of personally identifiable information
    • Corporate espionage (e.g. proprietary technologies)
    • Denial of service attacks

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  • Technical Services

    Technical services companies include those who provide IT services, infrastructure services, cloud services and more. These organizations power the modern world, and are often hit with insider attacks as a result. (Source: DBIR 2017)

    Insider threat risks for technical servcies companies include:

    • Theft of intellectual property
    • Disruption of IT operations
    • Exfiltration of customer data
    • Network and systems disruption leading to downtime

    Learn how we help technical servcies companies defend themselves:

  • Healthcare

    Did you know? 15% of all breaches involve healthcare organizations. (Source: DBIR 2017)

    Insider threat risks for healthcare organizations include:

    • Theft or misuse of protected health information (PHI)
    • Theft of misuse of electronic healthcare records (EHR)
    • Insurance and other financial fraud

    Learn how we help healthcare organizations arm themselves against insider threats:

  • Government

    Did you know? 12% of all breaches target public sector organizations. (Source: DBIR 2017)

    Insider threat risks for governmental organizations and agencies include:

    • Theft or abuse of constituent information
    • Fraud and misuse of public funding
    • Compromised defense systems
    • Leaked intelligence

    Learn how we help governmental organizations reduce risk and protect citizens: