ObserveIT Insider Threat Software Architecture

Our insider threat software captures data with the option to record user sessions in real time so you can detect insider threats faster. Get immediate value and full protection with our lightweight architecture, rapid deployment, and customizable web dashboards.

3. Application Server

ObserveIT’s application server collects data from agents and delivers it to your web dashboard.  The application server not only communicates actively with our agents, but also delivers configuration updates, monitors system health, and archives data. It can also be used to generate reports.

  • Highly scalable
  • Deploys quickly
  • Small footprint
  • Optimized for virtualization

4. SQL Database

ObserveIT employs Microsoft SQL Server for data storage. This way, we are able to receive data transmitted by agents, encrypt it, analyze it, and generate relevant alerts seamlessly. ObserveIT can also be configured to store video replay screenshots in file system storage.

With ultra-efficient data storage, ObserveIT uses SQL Server to store:

  • User analytics data
  • User activity metadata
  • Application & configuration data