Meet & Exceed Insider Threat Compliance Requirements

Many compliance frameworks and laws require organizations to take steps to protect against insider threats.

What steps are you taking to assure compliance?

Use Case

Compliance mandates are a non-negotiable for many businesses across a wide range of industries. Whether you are beholden to PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, or FERPA, you must carefully monitor and respond to insider threats to remain compliant.

Our Approach

ObserveIT monitors and audits all actions taken on an organization’s systems to help meet stringent auditing requirements. ObserveIT helps companies not only protect data and reduce risk, but ensure they meet compliance requirements by offering unmatched visibility into user activity.

One-click investigations make this incredibly easy.

Company: Digital financial services company

  • Size: 7,000+ employees, $5B+ revenue
  • Industry: Financial

Their Challenge

To meet compliance requirements, this large bank needed to monitor hundreds of IT users who are able to access and modify any critical banking application. They needed to comply with FDIC audits to operate legally.

Our Solution

ObserveIT’s detailed logs and visual capture of user session data exceed even the strictest interpretation of compliance requirements. With ObserveIT, this financial services organization is able to trace every compliance violation back to a single user.

The Result

With increased visibility into the activities of privileged IT users, this financial organization was able to comply with FDIC audit requirements and conduct audits five times faster than before.

See how AAA Insurance uses ObserveIT to comply with regulations

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