Contextual Intelligence

When an insider threat incident occurs, you need answers – and fast! ObserveIT provides the context – the glue – that binds users to their actions with data, systems, endpoints and applications.

Know the Whole Story

ObserveIT contextualizes user activity and data movement in an easy to understand and shareable way.

Know the Who, What, Where, When & Why

Uncover the user & their intent behind the chain of actions related to an alert or an investigation

No security knowledge required

All user actions on the endpoint, with files and on email are viewable in timeline views and the endpoint, file and email diaries

Unique visibility

What types of data are visible?

  • Application and Process Names
  • File and Folder Access
  • Titles of Opened Windows
  • URLs Accessed via Browsers
  • Key Logging
  • List of Commands and Scripts Run
  • File Copies, Print-Jobs, USB Insertions
  • and a Whole Bunch More

Maintain Compliance

ObserveIT helps organizations meet necessary compliance requirements across a range of frameworks, including: PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA and many more, using secondary authentication, DBA auditing, and reporting tools.

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Integrates Well with Others

Alert the right people, at the right time, whenever a potential insider threat incident has been detected. You’re in total control!

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