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The biggest security challenge financial organizations face today is people. Whether it’s employees, privileged users, or third parties, insiders introduce risk to your organization because they must be given access to critical applications, systems, and data to do their jobs effectively.

It’s vital to understand your insider threat risk as a financial institution, so that you can defend yourself. ObserveIT helps financial services companies identify and eliminate insider threat risk by focusing on user activity. With complete visibility into all activity on your network, you can not only catch and stop insider threats, but meet and surpass all compliance and regulatory requirements with ease.



24% of all breaches are targeted at financial institutions, making finance the largest target of any industry.

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The Insider Threat at Financial Institutions

No industry experiences a higher volume of online attacks than financial services, and more than half of those attacks (58%) come from insiders. So it’s never been more important to understand and protect against insider threats at your organization.

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