Insider Threat Management

The Insider Threat Management Solution

ObserveIT empowers security teams to detect, investigate, and prevent potential insider threat incidents by delivering real-time alerts, and actionable insights into user activity in one easy-to-use solution.

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What is an Insider Threat?

Detect Threats in Real-Time

Your biggest asset is also your biggest risk. ObserveIT helps security teams rapidly detect potential insider threats, using user activity monitoring data captured on UNIX/Linux, Windows, and Mac endpoints for both employees and third-party contractors.


Insider Threat Detection

Power Incident Investigations

When a potential insider threat incident is detected, you need answers – fast. ObserveIT is the tool cybersecurity teams turn to first for insider threat investigations, with comprehensive, easy-to-read user activity data delivered in one place.

Insider Threat Investigation

Proactively Respond to User Activity

Detecting a potential insider threat is one thing, but how can you prevent an incident? ObserveIT empowers teams to block out-of-policy activity (including forced logouts), and provide interactive prompts and policy reminders to coach users in cybersecurity best-practices.

Insider Threat Prevention

Integrate with the Tools You Already Use

Already using a SIEM, log management, password manager, ticketing system, or some other tool that you’d like to integrate with ObserveIT? Don’t worry – we integrate nicely with others.

(And if we don’t quite yet, we do have an Open API available.)

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