Insider Threat Detection

Insider Threat Detection

Locking down your data with cumbersome tags and processes won’t cut it when it comes to protecting your files, systems, and data. ObserveIT arms security teams with the tools they need to quickly and easily detect insider threats before an out-of-policy activity becomes an incident.

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ObserveIT also helps teams investigate insider threats and prevent insider threats.

Detect Anomalous Behavior

Your people are your greatest strength, but they can also be your greatest weakness. How can you stop a potential insider threat in their tracks?

User Activity Monitoring

Your employees need access to critical files, data, and systems to do what they do best – their jobs. With ObserveIT’s user session monitoring tools, you can be alerted to any potential breach of policy, and have a complete record of what transpired, how, when, and by whom.

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Third-Party Activity Monitoring

Third-party contractors and vendors often need to access your organizational files, data, and systems to help you get things done, but that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice data security. ObserveIT delivers complete visibility into third-party activity, so you can rest easier.

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Understand the Situation

See all endpoint activity

See every click, keystroke, and user action with rich, easy-to-search metadata and optional full screen session video recordings, controllable via easy-to-use playback tools and audit trails.

Receive alerts, as needed

Alert the right people, at the right time, whenever a potential insider threat incident has been detected. You’re in total control!

Get the full picture

Unlike other tools, ObserveIT delivers captured user activity data in one central location, via robust, understandable, and actionable reports.

Built-in Threat Detection Library

Getting started is easy, thanks to ObserveIT’s built-in library of over 300 carefully calibrated (yet customizable) insider threat detection rules. The days, weeks, months, and even years (!) of setup required for other data loss prevention tools don’t apply.

Robust Analytics & Reporting

Your data is only as useful as the way it is interpreted. ObserveIT was designed to present insider user activity data in easy-to-understand, actionable ways, so that you can detect potential insider threats fast, and respond to them even faster.

Take the Best Course of Action


Once a potential insider threat incident has been detected, ObserveIT empowers you to investigate it fully on an endpoint-by-endpoint basis, using hard data-based evidence.

Insider Threat Investigation


Ensure that any potential insider threat incident or risky behavior doesn’t happen again, with ObserveIT’s insider threat prevention prompts and policy acknowledgement capabilities.

Insider Threat Prevention