Insider Threat Incident Investigation

When an insider threat incident takes place, your organization requires context to investigate and respond quickly and accurately.

Do you have the visibility and evidence necessary to resolve incidents before real damage is done?

Use Case

When an incident takes place, you need to know exactly where to get context about what happened. But system, network, and log data can be difficult to sift through. Even with a SIEM tool, it’s challenging to parse data and get the context and visibility needed to investigate.

Our Approach

Quickly and thoroughly investigate insider threat incidents with complete visibility into user activity using ObserveIT. ObserveIT simplifies and streamlines insider threat investigations by offering granular details of user activity via visual capture, precise activity trails, and easy to search and understand metadata.

Investigations used to take days. Now it’s minutes.

Company: European healthcare company providing inpatient and outpatient services

  • Size: 90K+ employees, $15B+ revenue
  • Industry: Healthcare

Their Challenge

This healthcare organization lacked visibility into what was going on in their systems. They were unable to use logs to determine user activity or to understand who was accessing their high-value systems. They did not have sufficient information to investigate when incidents took place.

Our Solution

ObserveIT provides full visibility into server activity, showing which users are executing which activities. Now the healthcare company is able to see exactly who is accessing high-value systems and what they are doing with that access.

The Result

The organization discovered more than 1,000 privileged users were accessing high-value systems—ten times more than their estimate. They were able to attribute server crashes to specific user activities and put a stop to it, protecting their systems and data availability.

Investigate insider threat incidents in minutes, not days!

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Company: American food service chain with 20K+ worldwide locations

  • Size: 230K+ employees, $19B+ in revenue
  • Industry: Food Service

Their Challenge

This food service chain had little to no visibility into POS systems activity. Their IT team found sifting through system, network, and log data onerous, and their SIEM didn’t provide sufficient clarity. Too much time was being spent investigating incidents, often to no avail.

Our Solution

ObserveIT provides the company with full visibility into user activity on their POS systems and servers. Integration with Splunk log data allows the IT team to quickly comb through data and find answers to “what happened?” when something goes wrong.

The Result

The organization is now able to quickly and accurately investigate and diagnose problems when they arise. ObserveIT offers unmatched visibility into user behavior and contextual information about the incident, which greatly reduces insider threat investigation time.

It used to take us ten tools to find the needle in the haystack that indicated what exactly had happened in an insider threat incident. Now it takes just one: ObserveIT.