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Citrix Monitoring

The Alternative to SmartAuditor

XenDesktop 7 does not include the SmartAuditor feature. ObserveIT, a Citrix Ready® verified solution, replaces Citrix SmartAuditor, providing even smarter user session recording, playback and activity search to Citrix XenApp® and Citrix XenDesktop® environments

ObserveIT's session recording system captures video of all on-screen activity while users work in Citrix XenApp published applications and on XenDesktop virtual desktops – with technology that’s quite a bit smarter than Citrix’s own SmartAuditor!

ObserveIT records user activities – in every application and system area – so that administrators, IT troubleshooters and auditors can replay any session, just as if someone had been standing over the user’s shoulder with a video camera in hand.

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Video Activity Analysis

However, ObserveIT goes far beyond simply recording the on-screen activity to video: ObserveIT's invaluable video activity analysis generates textual activity summary reports of almost every action performed by users via mouse or keyboard – including information about the context in which they occurred.

Furthermore, this data is immediately available for free-text keyword searching: you can search for names of applications run, windows opened, URLs accessed, keystrokes typed, checkboxes clicked and much more. Every resulting search hit is linked directly to the portion of the video where that action occurred! This makes it incredibly easy to find the exact moment that an action was performed from among thousands of hours of video.

No other product on the market offers these must-have user auditing features!

Zero-Gap Recording

ObserveIT is a smart alternative to SmartAuditor

ObserveIT records and analyzes user activity in every application and system area, over any connection protocol (RDP, SSH, Telnet, ICA, direct console login, etc.). ObserveIT can record sessions on Windows, Unix and Linux servers and desktops, as well as in Citrix XenApp published applications, XenDesktop virtual desktops and VMware environments.

Real-time User Activity Alerts

User activity alerts are powerful and flexible rules which specify the circumstances in which a user’s action will cause an alert to be generated. The rich user behavior analytics generated by ObserveIT allow alerts to be based on both login events and on specific user actions that occur during a session. Alerts are highlighted during session video playback, generate emails and are highlighted in relevant locations throughout the ObserveIT console. 
By making important user activity events visible in real time, it is possible to quickly and effectively respond to any deliberate or inadvertent threats to IT security, system integrity, regulatory compliance or company policies.

Compliance Accountability

ObserveIT meets the compliance and security challenges related to user activity monitoring, one of the key issues that IT, security and compliance officers are facing today. ObserveIT’s user activity data is easily integrated into industry-leading SIEM and NMS systems for more in-depth reporting and forensics analysis. This is the ideal solution for PCI/HIPAA/SOX/ISO compliance accountability as well as third-party vendor monitoring.

Citrix Ready


ObserveIT is certified Citrix readyObserveIT is certified Citrix Ready for recording and analyzing session activity in Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environments. This certified integration ensures a reliable, full-featured user recording solution for all XenApp (any edition, not just Platinum) and XenDesktop users.

ObserveIT is compatible with XenApp versions 6.5 (64-bit), 6.0 (64-bit), 5.0 (64-bit), 5.0 (32-bit) and XenDesktop versions 7.0, 5.5 and 5.0.


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