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Desktop Monitoring

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Track employee activity with desktop monitoringObserveIT records and analyzes all user activity on employee desktops and VDIs, in every application and system area. Beyond capturing screen video recordings, ObserveIT collects data about every user action, making it easy to instantly locate particular actions, even from within thousands of hours of video. This data is also used to generate administrator-customizable real-time alerts based on specific user activity triggers, providing proactive warnings to security personnel about any suspicious or out-of-policy user actions.

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Key Capabilities

  • Monitor all sensitive user actions on desktops and VDIs, including cloud app and custom business app usage
  • Capture user activity logs for every business application, even those with no internal logs
  • Audit and detect data breaches and improper access to ensure security and regulatory compliance
  • Ensure employee privacy with customizable policy recording rules and 4-eyes protection
  • Provide corporate policy training info right at the time it is needed

Monitoring Business Applications

Access to sensitive data via desktop business applications continues to grow, fueled on by growing mobility, modular app distribution and cloud platform usage. Personal records, health records, financial data and more has become accessible from the desktop machines of users. These business users need access in order to do their jobs, but can you really be sure that their usage is 100% proper?

With ObserveIT, your security audit reports have full visibility of user actions in any desktop app, including:

  • SAP
  • Excel
  • or any cloud-based CRM
  • HR platforms
  • Banking and finance management platforms
  • Patient health records

Logs for Apps that have no internal logging

ObserveIT creates detailed audits for every user action, even within applications that do not produce any logs of their own. With ObserveIT, your audit information is no longer are limited by what each business app actually sends to its own logs. ObserveIT generates video and text logs of all activity on the client desktop, and can be deployed on Windows, Unix or Linux machines as well as VDI desktops.


Detect threats that are deeper than the network layer

Network Security Monitoring still matters. But the threats today penetrate far deeper than just the network level. Firewalls and Packet-based threat detection work, but what about apps that access data stored on local machines, in cloud apps and in databases outside the scope of the central corporate DB? And what about http-based vectors that mask risky data requests under the same port and protocol signatures as common business activity?

By monitoring user actions on the desktop, ObserveIT eliminates any doubt. You can always be sure that you know what actions each user performed.


Real-time User Activity Alerts

User activity alerts are powerful and flexible rules which specify the circumstances in which a user’s action will cause an alert to be generated. The rich user behavior analytics generated by ObserveIT allow alerts to be based on both login events and on specific user actions that occur during a session. Alerts are highlighted during session video playback, generate emails and are highlighted in relevant locations throughout the ObserveIT console. 
By making important user activity events visible in real time, it is possible to quickly and effectively respond to any deliberate or inadvertent threats to IT security, system integrity, regulatory compliance or company policies.


Ensure employee privacy while answering your security needs

Security and IT officers today are being pulled in two seemingly opposite directions:

  • Address security and compliance needs by improving security audit oversight
  • Comply with employee privacy regulations by limiting data capture and retention

ObserveIT lets you meet both of these business challenges to the fullest level. Our audit capture provides all the clarity necessary for security investigation. And our privacy assurance layers (including 4-eyes privacy protection, policy messaging and granular recording policy rules) all team up to give you the power to protect all employee data from prying eyes

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