UNIX & Linux Monitoring

UNIX & Linux Monitoring

ObserveIT’s UNIX and Linux monitoring tools empower security teams to detect, investigate, and prevent insider threat incidents, based on user activity.

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Manage Insider Threats

Detect risky user behavior

Your people are both your greatest asset, and your greatest risk. By obtaining visibility into user activity on individual UNIX and Linux endpoints, security teams can detect suspicious or risky user activities in-the-moment, before they pose a greater risk to critical systems and data.

Investigate incidents

ObserveIT records, audits, and organizes user activity on any endpoint running UNIX or Linux, into easily digestible user activity logs, for further investigation in the event that a potential insider threat incident has been detected. The faster you can react, the less risk you accept.


Prevent incident escalation

You know your policies, but sometimes your trusted insiders don’t. (Or they circumvent them.) ObserveIT can help you get ahead of potential insider threat incidents by prompting UNIX or Linux users with real-time notifications and interactive prompts, in an effort to coach or block certain activity.


ObserveIT monitors user activity data on the UNIX or LINUX endpoint, including: command line entries, visual screen input/output, system calls (file creation, deletion, opens, permission changes, etc.), and affected resources. If a user can do it, we can monitor it!

When a risky or out-of-policy user activity is detected, you should know about it! ObserveIT’s user activity alerts enable security teams to rapidly respond to potential insider threat incidents with customizable, real-time alerts.

Simply choose the inciting action or parameters that will trigger the alert (who, did what, where, when and from where), who you want notified, and the frequency.

ObserveIT can also prompt UNIX or Linux platform users in real-time if they are about to breach policy, proactively coaching them and optionally offering an acknowledgement checkbox.

How quickly can you investigate a potential insider threat incident?

With ObserveIT, you can see user activity details for all UNIX or Linux sessions in one place, grouped and sorted by user or endpoint. What used to take hours (or days!), can now be done in minutes.

You need visibility into all things insider threat to property detect, investigate, and prevent insider threat incidents.

With ObserveIT’s video replay tools, you can see a full visual replay of a UNIX or Linux user session from start to finish. It delivers: what took place onscreen, a summarized list of commands given, and robust playback controls.