Real-Time Response

62% of all insider threat incidents are accidental, not with malicious intent. Why wouldn’t you coach such insiders on security best practices in real-time?

Tailor Response by severity and intent

ObserveIT provides response options from real-time user awareness through comprehensive metadata logging to robust application blocking controls

Coach Security in Real-time

ObserveIT makes proactive, bite-sized coaching possible, with optional policy reminders and warning prompts that tie best practices to security violations. No more generic advice!

Irrefutable Visual Evidence

When insiders proceed severely out of bounds, ObserveIT can visually capture their activity as screenshots before and after the threat signal(s).

Package it up as summary reports with step-by-step screenshots when you share outside the team. You now have irrefutable evidence and compliance documentation that are understood by any team – HR, Legal, Privacy, business units and beyond.

Blocking User Sessions & Applications

ObserveIT empowers security teams to select particular applications, tools, and websites as being “off-limits,” effectively blocking access based on cybersecurity policy.

For example, if your organization doesn’t allow most employees to tamper with security software, you can block access to that tool locally, as well as the web access point for those users. It is just one way that you can work to prevent insider threat incidents or stop them before they progress.


SIEM Integrations

File, user, endpoint, and application activity along with any alerts can be integrated into your SIEM out of the box or through our APIs. In real-time. Dont wait for nightly syncs!

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Add Insider Intelligence

You have a myriad of security tools. Correlate our insider intelligence with your HR and security logs within the SIEM for a richer picture on your risks.

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Contextualize Security Alerts

Your team is swimming in alerts and false positives from the myriad of tools. Cut triage time to seconds by using ObserveIT to understand what happened with that endpoint, file, application or user before and after the alert.

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