Third Party Monitoring

Vendors, contractors, and partners can help you get the job done. But they can also introduce insider threat risk to your organization.

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Use Case

When you bring in third parties—like consultants and outside agencies—to support your business, you need to make sure their actions stay within policy so that you are able to remain secure and meet compliance mandates. Logging solutions simply can’t offer the necessary level of granular visibility.

Our Approach

ObserveIT monitors and audits all actions taken by third parties on a company’s systems to protect data and reduce risk. In doing so, ObserveIT identifies and eliminates insider threats from third parties, including remote vendors, contractors, and partners.

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Company: Large U.S.-based telecommunications company

  • Size: 100K+ employees, $100B+ in revenue
  • Industry: Telecomm

Their Challenge

As a large telecommunications provider, it’s vital to know which of the organization’s privileged users and remote vendors are doing what at all times, both to guarantee security and to meet compliance. With thousands of sessions to track, this can quickly become a major headache.

Our Solution

ObserveIT provides enterprise-ready third party monitoring, so they have detailed user metadata at their fingertips and can understand who did what, when, and why—including tracking the actions of third party vendors. This powers threat investigations and compliance reporting across the organization.

The Result

With more visibility and clearer answers to “what happened?” they have dramatically decreased insider threat risk from vendors and other third parties. The organization is also able to satisfy compliance audit requirements, decreasing time and resources spent on tedious tasks.

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Company: Multinational accounting firm

  • Size: 200K+ employees, $30B+ in revenue
  • Industry: Accounting

Their Challenge

This organization was creating a new virtualized environment for their remote vendors and internal employees to use. They needed a way to monitor all users who would be handling critical data in these virtual environments.

Our Solution

ObserveIT provided immediate, direct access to user session data. This enabled the firm to track users’ activities within applications and see what they were doing when they accessed intellectual property and internal financials.

The Result

With better operational visibility and more data about user activities, the firm is able to investigate, troubleshoot, and audit much faster than ever before. They are now able to see how sensitive data is being accessed and used at all times.

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