Threat Signals

Tell tale signs of suspicious activity by an insider are not that of your usual hacker nor malware. ObserveIT threat signals are your early warning system of out-of-policy activity before it becomes an incident.

Detect Suspicious Activity

Protect your organisation’s IP and your people’s hard work by detecting malicious and accidental insider risks in real-time

400+ Threat Signals

Time-tested threat signals from 1000+ customers & based on NIST, CERT, OSIT and NITTF expertise

Comprehensive Detection

Detect data loss, unauthorized machine access, bypassing security controls, careless behavior, time fraud, and other out-of-policy activity

User Lists & Business Groups

Different user populations have varying risk profiles. Draw upon ObserveIT in-built user lists to focus on the riskiest users first. Minimize false positives by customizing threats signals based on user groups, endpoint groups and website categories.

Robust Analytics & Reporting

Your intelligence is only as useful once interpreted. ObserveIT was designed to present insider activity in easy-to-understand, actionable, out-of-the-box reports and views. No time wasted translating jargon to your peers. We paint a clear picture so you can focus on protection and response.



Once a potential insider threat incident has been detected, ObserveIT empowers you to investigate it fully on an endpoint-by-endpoint basis, using hard data-based evidence.

Contextual Intelligence


Ensure that any potential insider threat incident or risky behavior doesn’t happen again, with ObserveIT’s real-time response.

Real-Time Response

Experience our detection capabilities today