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User Activity Monitoring

Unparalleled visibility into what people are doing with your sensitive systems and data

ObserveIT’s User Activity Monitoring provides the technical capability to observe and record the actions and activities of any individual, at any time. This includes activity monitoring on both desktops and servers. User Activity Monitoring is used to access information to detect insider threats and support authorized investigations. ObserveIT provides the capabilities to collect user activity data, including: key stroke monitoring & full application content (e.g., email, chat, data import, data export), obtain screen captures, and perform file shadowing. For all lawful purposes, User Activity Monitoring data must be attributable to a specific user.

User Activity Monitoring directly demonstrates what every user did without the need for complex correlations. With optional user notification of session recording, watch instances of unsanctioned and reckless activity fall dramatically. Eliminate security blind-spots by adding plain-English user activity log data to your security ecosystem, and significantly improve your organization’s ability to rapidly detect and respond to security incidents.

ObserveIT's user activity monitoring software allows you to quickly identify and investigate risky users across your enterprise. At a glance, you’re able to see a user risk summary, breakdown of suspicious users, new users at risk, top potentially dangerous applications, and activity alerts identifying anomalous behavior. Risk scoring highlights the potential for new users to become threats. It also illustrates changes in their behavior based on risk score, recent score changes, applications being used and alerts that were triggered.  


User Activity Monitoring: Key Benefits

Instantly detect, investigate and mitigate suspicious user actions.

Instantly detect, investigate and mitigate suspicious user actions.

Discover and track cloud apps being used internally. Detect users uploading sensitive data or code to the cloud or accessing corporate computers from outside (e.g., using LogMeIn).

Discover and track cloud apps being used internally. Detect users uploading sensitive data or code to the cloud or accessing corporate computers from outside (e.g., using LogMeIn).

Monitor employees who are being fired or are leaving to make sure confidential information doesn’t leave with them.

Monitor employees who are being fired or voluntarily leaving the company to ensure your confidential information doesn’t leave with them.

ObserveIT has many unique features that differentiate our user activity monitoring software: the ability to watch live suspicious sessions to investigate abnormal activity in real-time; the capability to deter inappropriate behavior with notifications; visual replay for irrefutable digital forensic evidence; blocking risky activity from taking place with live session shutdown; and rich proprietary data capture that provides consistent metadata for unparalleled user analysis, because ObserveIT does not rely on log files.

ObserveIT analyzes exactly what the user does during a session using our proprietary metadata and contextual screen captures to assign the most accurate risk score to users and eliminate false positives from normal activity. ObserveIT provides immediate notification and real-time calculation of users’ risk. When a risky action is performed – such as exporting confidential customer information, performing large database queries that are out of the scope of their role, or accessing resources they shouldn’t be – the user gets a score based on the severity of the activity. ObserveIT allows customization and modification of rules to match the unique needs for each company. Our user activity monitoring solution will also prioritize internal investigation so security teams can focus on which users are actually putting your business at risk on an enterprise-scale.

ObserveIT is the only user activity monitoring solution that can effectively distinguish abusive behavior from normal user activity within desktop and web-based applications. ObserveIT offers a new break-through application marking technology, which tracks in-application elements for data exposure and extraction. This new visibility provides the most accurate understanding of one of the biggest sources of insider threats: access to sensitive data via applications. With ObserveIT, you can select and mark sensitive information within applications, like SAP, to record, detect and audit when users are viewing or exporting sensitive information inappropriately. This allows ObserveIT to uniquely understand risk at an application field-level and detect abnormal usage.



ObserveIT user activity monitoring software offers unique visibility with screen-streaming capabilities that allow you to investigate risky user behavior in real time and watch exactly what users are doing to respond to internal security events. With ObserveIT, you can view live screen scrapes of all activity for a user to understand a user’s intent, interact with users who are performing out-of-scope activity and shutdown malicious sessions. ObserveIT user activity monitoring has proven to accelerate investigations tenfold by showing exactly what users are doing with real-time visual screen-capture technology. There’s no guesswork. With ObserveIT, you can also review earlier activity in the current session and past sessions performed by the same user. ObserveIT allows you to instant-message the user via the desktop or even instantly shut down the user's session.

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