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Detection - Continuous Risk Monitoring

See who’s putting you at risk in minutes

ObserveIT's risk monitoring constantly performs real-time analysis of exactly what the user does during the session, exposing suspicious user actions, unauthorized behavior and malicious activity.

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Continuous Risk Monitoring: Key Capabilities

Immediate Detection of Insider Threats

Identify thousands of known risky behaviors out-of-the-box via purpose-built packaged analytics.

Real-time Alerts of Suspicious Behavior

Proactive, real-time detection of suspicious user activity for instant response.

Change User Behavior Across Your Enterprise

Educate employees of high-risk activities in real-time and in the context of their actions.

“Stack Ranked” View of Your Riskiest Users

Prioritized list of the users who are actually putting your business at risk.

See the Risk Insiders Pose to your Company

Summary of users' high risk activity and alerts over time.

Root Case Analysis of Every Anomaly

Detailed audit trail that shows precisely who did what in both video and transcript format.

Continuous Risk Monitoring

Detection - Continuous Risk Monitoring

ObserveIT monitors and indexes all this data alongside with detailed metadata of what is seen on the screen, allowing full searches within the database. This unique capability is paired with a library of canned alert rules that work for both Windows and Unix/Linux based operating systems that can be applied as they are, or customized in order to build your own alert rules. This provides built-in capacity to perform detection of risky user behavior such as running specific applications, connecting to specific network resources, running specific commands and more.

User Behavior Analytics 1

By using ObserveIT’s unique in-application detection system, security teams are able to alerted on, and identify users that are accessing applications and performing various actions inside them, such as viewing critical customer information, exporting financial data records, examining patient data and more. These alerts are also exposed as real-time textual log files, easily integrated with existing SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) applications. This capability lets you track application usage for data exposure and extraction – a major part in the overall risk users create for the organization.

User Behavior Analytics 2

All this information is aggregated and calculated in real-time by the ObserveIT analytics service, calculating of a user’s risk to the organization, and presented to the security team in form of a User Risk Dashboard, allowing the examination of the actions of these risky users, the applications they accessed, and the alerts that were triggered against them. The dashboard links directly to the Web Management Console from where you can further inspect and examine risky users and their actions. The risky user list can be filtered and sorted according to the number of out-of-policy notifications and behavior trends – providing an easy way to identify those users who constantly violate security policies and those who keep ignoring them despite being warned or even blocked.

User Behavior Analytics 3

This allows security teams to uniquely understand risk at an application field-level and detect abnormal usage, and identify risk trends. You can run dynamic reports showing all sensitive or regulated data elements being viewed by users in every business application involved.

User Behavior Analytics 4

By employing user behavior analytics and risk scoring, security teams can focus on the users who are actually putting the organization at risk, identify those users who constantly violating security policies and those who keep ignoring them despite being warned or even blocked, and focus on the risky users, reducing the associated background noise.

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