How to Protect Your Organization from Mr. Robot

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About this webinar

Hollywood films and TV shows are notorious for butchering how hackers really operate. Shows like CSI love to casually drop lines like “I’ll create a GUI interface using visual basic to track the killers IP address”. With so many shows and movies getting wrong, Mr. Robot changed the game with its authenticity.  In Season 3 of Mr.Robot, we have seen various hacks such as, social engineering that shuts down a car while driving to the FBI grabbing a screenshot of Elliot’s monitor to watch what he is doing on his system.

Take a look at the recording of this interactive webinar as we discuss the most interesting hacks seen in Season 3 and how you might be able to protect yourselves from Mr. Robot.

You will learn

  • Common types of insider “hacks”
  • How to protect your organization from insider threats
  • The best way to respond to insider threat incidents

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