The Secret to Embracing User Privacy While Stopping the Insider Threat

The Secret to Embracing User Privacy
While Stopping the Insider Threat

User privacy is an ongoing concern, but one that often sits second in priority to an organization’s overall cybersecurity standards. Is it necessary to embrace one over the other, or is it possible to establish a culture of trust while incorporating more stringent security standards to protect proprietary systems, files, and data?

In this deep dive by NightDragon Security’s Dave DeWalt, you’ll learn about how the cybersecurity landscape is changing to reflect demands for user privacy and data security, why this shift matters, who it is affecting and how, and the importance of adopting an organizational culture of privacy to improve security.

About Dave DeWalt

Dave DeWalt is a cybersecurity veteran and Founder of NightDragon Security, and former chief executive at cybersecurity giants McAfee and FireEye. He has invested in ObserveIT, and now sits on the board as Vice Chairman.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about:

  1. The changing cybersecurity landscape
  2. Why the shift is happening (and how)
  3. The importance of data/user privacy
  4. Who is affected by poor cybersecurity and privacy efforts
  5. How to address the insider threat problem
  6. Why embracing a culture of privacy is important for cybersecurity
  7. How to build a culture of privacy and stop the insider threat

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