Bridge Compliance Gaps

Meet & Exceed Compliance Requirements

Meeting compliance framework and law requirements is a complex and difficult task, but failing to do so can be incredibly costly and damaging to an organizations’ reputation.

Continuous user monitoring and real-time incident investigation help your organization meet stringent compliance requirements and ensure sensitive data stays where it belongs – within the organization.

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What steps are you taking to assure compliance?

Get the Full Picture, Appropriately

  • Meet the privileged user, data movement and incident response requirements under PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, GDPR, and CCPA, all within one platform
  • Mature your Insider Threat program by using ObserveIT to better align with NIST SP-800 53 and NISPOM Change 2 recommendations

Balance Privacy & Security

  • Taking privacy seriously involves collaboration between Privacy, Legal, HR, business units, your employees and your culture. Do you have the tools and processes for it?
  • Understand whether the out-of-policy activity is accidental or malicious in nature, without losing user anonymity, and take swift action using irrefutable evidence when a potential incident is escalated. 

Data privacy

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“One-click investigations make this incredibly easy.”

CISO, Large Financial Services Organization

1000+ Customers. 100+ Countries

Financial organization Uses ObserveIT to Gain Visibility into Insider Threats


To ensure compliance with FDIC audits

To meet compliance requirements, this large bank needed to monitor hundreds of IT users who are able to access and modify any critical banking application. They needed to comply with FDIC audits to operate legally.

Industry: Financial
Size: 7,000+ Employees, $5B+ revenue


Now, security has enterprise-wide visibility and irrefutable evidence at their fingertips

ObserveIT’s detailed logs and visual capture of user session data exceed even the strictest interpretation of compliance requirements. With ObserveIT, this financial services organization is able to trace every compliance violation back to a single user.


Proactive security: Insider investigations are fast, collaborative & protect against major incidents

With increased visibility into the activities of privileged IT users, this financial organization was able to comply with FDIC audit requirements and conduct audits five times faster than before.

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